Think about this…

… on average people physically spend at least 36% of their lives at work. For some that doesn’t even include travel! 32% is spent sleeping … for others that means even more time spent thinking about work before they go to sleep and worrying about the day ahead when they wake up. That leaves the rest of the time … 32% … doing domestic and leisure activities. But again, when things aren’t going well at work … and lets face it, that’s often the case … much of that time is scattered with thoughts of our career and thus our leisure time moods are also influenced by negative situations at work. The truth is that our jobs impact our lives and our lives impact our jobs. That’s why its important to give your career a strategic purpose and to ensure that mechanisms are in place to support you when you need it.img_2332You call us when you need us. That can vary from advice about your career strategy, your next move, your resume, the interview, rebounding from retrenchment, balancing work with personal commitments or perhaps you are returning to work after a break. But mostly, what happens when you get the job of your dreams and you want to keep the job of your dreams, but are facing those typical daily on the job stresses?

You have a presentation coming up, you need to tackle a difficult colleague, you are under pressure to deliver, you have to give a talk, lead a team, organise a function … those everyday pressures can be endless. But who do you confide in, who can you talk to, who can you trust without feeling like a failure. Talk to David or Sarah now.

How does it Work?

Easy really. The first thing is to recognise that you or someone in your team or company could benefit with coaching based on one or more of the CM4U Six-R’s: Recognising Change as a Skill (CaaS); Relationships at Work; Results through Coaching; Retirement as a New Start; Retrenchment as an Opportunity; Rewiring for Success.

The next step is to contact us for a no obligation chat about your situation and your requirements. Based on that we can then agree the best way forward. An example of possible options is below, but this is not exhaustive as each person and/or company are different. With this in mind we like to custom the delivery based on your needs.

Companies may prefer contractual arrangements and preset times, but for individuals all we ask you to do is Book some time with us in the calendar. Pay the fee via Stripe and simply call at the arranged time. Ideally we would prefer 24 hour notice, but if you need to speak with us urgently then simply call +34.693.820.064 (WhatsApp) to check availability.

We are good listeners and can help you strategically or simply put some things in perspective for you. Don’t be alone in your career or your life.

About David

David has significant corporate experience in organisational change management and executive coaching as a senior executive for global blue chip companies such as Oracle Corporation and Westpac. He is a professionally accredited Prosci change management practitioner having completed the Advanced Certification at the Change Management Learning Center in Chicago, USA.

As well as an MBA and PhD in Philosophy, David also qualified as a professional coach at the Institute of Behavioural Coaching. David has helped many people internationally with life, career and job search advice. He is a Member of the Association of Job Search Trainers, the Job Search Institute and an Affiliate of the Career Coach Institute. As a Career Mentor David is an honorary member of staff at Queensland University, Australia, coaching final year students as they enter the workplace to begin their formal careers.

About Sarah

Sarah has over 20 years international experience as a professional senior executive assistant responsible for the management of the office of the Chief Executive and Chairmen of blue chip companies that have included Air New Zealand, Caltex, Rothschild, Brierley Investments and Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific.

With a strong work ethic and executive focus, Sarah has taken the lead in championing the role of the executive assistant as the key person able to efficiently manage the C-Level engagement with internal management and external stakeholders including the Board and Government contacts.

With a career commencing at the British Foreign Office in London, Sarah has gained experience in dealing with many different cultures from the UK to New Zealand, including the Asia Pacific region, organising and managing many successful events from annual general meetings to international leadership workshops.

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