Change and the Decision Making Process – Intelligent Management –

The question is: how do control and vision translate in the decision making process?
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3 Reasons To Hire A Career Coach

A career coach can be helpful to find your next job or switch fields. Here are three reasons, plus the nuts of bolts of finding and using one.
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How to Age-Proof Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile …CM4U💫

12 tips for job hunters over 50 to help you age-proof your resume and your LinkedIn profile…Read on 💫 Career coaching at because your career impacts your quality of life and your life impacts your career success!

Explore the future of work at Worktech 18 London

Worktech 18 London will bring together thought leaders and senior workplace professionals to put the spotlight on developments that will have a significant impact on the way we work.
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💫 Career coaching at because your career impacts your quality of life and your life impacts your career success!

How we spend … 💫