What is the future of work? 💫CM4U

💫CareerMentor4U Social and technological changes are revolutionizing the way we work. What will digital communication mean for workspaces? Will the search for a work-life balance result in mindful employment practices? And will tech help us become more productive, or just get in the way of our humanity? We posed these pressing questions to some of the people who know best.
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The Future Of Work Continues To Be Rewritten …💫CM4U

The future organization is connected to the market in real-time. Organizations must embrace the upheaval required in systems, culture and mindset to adapt to a world where the markets are more demanding, the workforce is independent and where the customer is truly king.
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This is what work will look like in 2100 …💫CM4U

Some futurists believe that automation will push future workers to tasks that are quintessentially human, and that things like standardized working hours and traditional hierarchies will disappear…Read on www.fastcompany.com/90180181/this-is-what-work-will-look-like-in-2100


The future of work has no destination, it’s always just the journey …💫CM4U

The only thing we can say with any certainty about the future of work is that we will always be moving towards it, and never arrive…Read on workplaceinsight.net/the-future-of-work-has-no-destination-its-always-just-the-journey/


The future of work: is it something completely different? …💫CM4U

Australia’s venue for public sector leaders
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