What is CareerMentor4U?

There are lots of definitions that separate consulting, counselling, coaching and mentoring in terms of their focus and objectives. At CareerMentor4U we are not redefining these roles, but needed to settle on one. The truth is that most people embrace all four of these roles when partnering with a client. We have simply opted to use the term Mentor, but throughout the relationship will also be a coach, consultant, counsellor and hopefully a friend.

What happens during a session?

That depends on the clients reason for the mentoring and their preferred style. Normally the session is conversational with the first few sessions being a discovery for both Mentor and Mentee. Once a routine is set it may involve discussing a situation that has occurred or is on the horizon. Certain activities or approaches to a situation may be agreed and followed up at the next session. A stressful situation may arise unexpectedly and you may want to talk to a Mentor immediately because you want support now … not at the next booked session. Where ever possibly we will help if available. This happens often. There have been examples where a client has been invited into a meeting unexpectedly and a sense of panic enters their mind. They rush off to the restroom to hide and stress out. But it doesn’t make things go away. Talking to someone can be calming and confidence building. So never hesitate to call us!

We won’t tell you what to do, but we may suggest some ideas for consideration. We don’t necessarily have the answers. In fact most times we don’t. That’s because you already have the solution, but it may be lurking at the back of your mind, unreachable. We can talk through scenarios that allow you to bring the solution to the front of your mind. We can discuss options that allow you to create even more solutions that help you to believe in yourself! There will be times when you may feel helpless or have been treated badly. In these cases all we can do is find meaning and perspective in the situation and then move on.

How can I use CareerMentor4U?

This will be different for everyone. You may be looking to change your job and we can be by you side all the way through from job hunting, resume building, interviewing and the first months in the new job. Some clients may want an occasional or regular follow up. Next to changing jobs the most common support that we provide is in the day to day situations that people come across. For example, you may have an important presentation coming up and we can talk it through. You may have a problem with a colleague, managing a team or struggling to keep up with your workload. Quite frankly the list is endless.

Of course there are other people you can talk to, but how can you be sure they have your back? How can you be certain of how they will respond? Will they see you as weak or a failure? At CareerMentor4U you we are independant, nonjudgmental, conversations are confidential, have a professional code of conduct and basically …are on your side!

Is the focus just on my career?

That is the main focus, but as you will be aware, the dimensions of our lives are interrelated. What happens at work can impact our personal life. Our personal life can impact our work. For that reason it is highly likely that we will often talk about a client’s life, with a focus on their career.

Why use the phone for mentoring?

With the popularity of Facetime, and Skype it may seem a backward step to use audio rather than audiovisual, but there are advantages. Either method is recognised as a time saver in terms of travel et al however, there are further advantages with simply using audio such as:

You can call from anywhere.

You don’t feel that you have to dress up for the call.

You don’t have to be so worried about not having hi-speed internet. Sometimes the delay is frustrating.

Yes, you do lose a bit of body language, but the upside is that you focus more on the conversation.

You have more options. We suggest WhatsApp, but you can direct call from any mobile or landline if you wish.

Why does the client have to call us?

Because we like to make the client accountable. Also, it ensures that the client is ready for the session. The other factor is the anticipation. Think of when you are waiting for a call. You keep hecking the clock and then even when you know the phone will ring you still jump out of your skin! That can be unsettling so we remove the emotion by asking the client to call us.

Can we have an Audio Video call?

Yes, of course.

If you require more information then please contact us now!