Change and the Decision Making Process – Intelligent Management –

The question is: how do control and vision translate in the decision making process?
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How we spend … 💫

The First 5 Steps You Should Take To Start Making A Career Change 💫CareerMentor4U

Think you are in the wrong career? Here are the first five steps you should take if you want to begin transitioning careers.
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💫Career coaching at because your career impacts your quality of life and your life impacts your career success!

The future of work, nothing but challenges and opportunities 💫CM4U

💫CareerMentor4U – The world of work is undergoing a metamorphosis. Technological progress, artificial intelligence, automation and robotisation, deepening globalization, ever-more fragmented global supply chains…Read on

Job interview? Remember authenticity is the key to success 💫CM4U

💫CareerMentor4U – It is important to put your best foot forward when giving a job interview but the best way to ace it is to be your authentic self…Read on