Why Emotional Intelligence Is Crucial For Success In The Workplace And Life (infographic) 💫 CareerMentor4U

💫 CareerMentor4U – Here’s a new in-depth guide (and infographic) that outlines How Inspirational Leaders Motivate Others To Action. The guide covers everything, including How Inspirational Leaders Motivate Despite Personality, Age, Or Genetic Differences and 7 Exceptional Traits Of Inspirational Leaders. Did you know that leadership is 70% learned and only 30% genetic?…Read on www.digitalinformationworld.com/2018/08/emotional-intelligence-in-the-workplace.html

Think about this … 💫CM4U

Think about this. The graph tells us that on average we spend at least 36% of our lives at work. For some that doesn’t even include travel! 32% is spent sleeping … for some that means even more time spent thinking about work before we go to sleep and worrying about the day ahead when we wake up. That leaves the rest of the time … 32% … doing domestic and leisure activities. But again, how much of that time is scattered with thoughts of work and our moods influenced by situations at work. The truth is that our jobs impact our lives and our lives impact our jobs. Thats why its important to give your career a strategic purpose and to ensure that mechanisms are in place to support you when you need it.

Make Your Career Go Further with These Confidence-Boosting Tips …💫CM4U

Make Your Career Go Further with These Confidence-Boosting Tips
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5 tips on how to stay in love with your job 💫CM4U

How does one maintain consistency and pursue self-improvement at his or her job? Here are five tips on keeping that enthusiasm alive at the office.
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6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Summer Internship 💫CM4U

So you got the job…now what? Check out these 6 tips for how to make the most out of your summer internship.
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